voxiguide the audio guide over the phone

Turn every mobile phone into an audio guide

Diffuse your content to a maximum number of people. Your listeners:

  • Don’t need to have an Internet connection.
  • Don’t need to rent any audio equipment.
  • Don’t need to download an app.

All the information is conveniently played back on a phone call.

Create walking tours with a live guide

You prefer to have a live tour guide? Let listeners tune in and hear the speaker live. Choose to mute listeners or unmute them so they can participate in the conversation.

  • Walking tours with live guides
  • Tours with remote guides
  • Pre-recorded audio guides from audio files or Text-to-Speech
live tour guide

voxiguide SMS Follow up

Follow up by SMS for more engagement

Send discount codes, directions, helpful tips, promotions or other useful information after the call.

  • Connect with your visitors after they have listened to your guide

  • Built-in sponsoring and advertising opportunity

  • Include clear call-to-actions after the call

Engage visitors with your own mobile app

  • Image recognition

  • Geolocation and indoor positioning

  • Text, audio and image guides

  • Augmented reality

  • Interactive maps

  • Social media sharing

  • iOs and Android

Why VoxiGuide

No Internet required

Delivering your content doesn’t depend on your visitor’s Internet connection

Diffuse Real-Time Information

Distribute weather & traffic alerts or other important information in real-time

No hardware required

Never worry about the purchase, installation and maintenance of expensive hardware again

Ads & Sponsor Messages

Include ads & sponsor messages in your audio guide to monetize your call traffic

Unlimited Reach - even Outdoors

Reach your visitors even in the most remote areas, like forests or parks

Collect Data

Analyze call behavior and turn your data into actionable metrics

Available 24/7

Give your visitors access to your auido guide from anywhere and at all times

SMS Follow-Up

Connect with your customers after a call to send surveys or discount codes
[porto_testimonial]Welcome to VoxiGuide, your personal Audio Guide over the phone.[/porto_testimonial]

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    VoxiGuide - It's in everyone's pocket, all the time.

    How it works

    It’s easy!
    Travellers dial your VoxiGuide number and place a regular phone call.
    Your message is immediately played back using Text-to-Speech or an audio file.

    VoxiGuide phone numbers can be showcased on brochures, banners and posters, in window displays, on bus stops and train stations, or on advertising materials. You may also insert a call-button into your smartphone app.

    • Event Organizers looking for an affordable way to keep visitors informed & sell ad spaces to sponsors
    • Tour Operators & Tourist Offices who want to provide their visitors with AudioGuide wherever they go
    • Marketers & Sponsors struggling to reach new audiences and track changes in ROI

    You can let them call you on a toll-free number or create a local number which callers can reach local rates. It is also possible to initiate a call-back, so that you only pay the outgoing communication to your customers.

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